Beautiful Padang Bai

About Padang Bai

Padang Bai is a small fishermen’s town on the East coast of Bali, facing the two small islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. The sea between the islands has a most interesting marine life, whereas the coasts are fringed with coral reefs which are in extremely good healthy condition.
This combination makes a large number of varied dive sites. Within 40 minutes by boat from our beachfront resort there are more than 25 dive sites, offering every kind of dive experience. You will find deep dives and drifts, walls and reefs, wrecks, caves and muck dives. We also have 9 dive sites within just a 15-minute boat trip from our front door.

The village itself retains a quiet charm attracting many of Bali’s more knowledgeable visitors. This small town is renowned for its traditional Balinese folklore and atmosphere where you will almost daily find the local people celebrating some cultural ceremonies.

The location of Padang Bai also is perfect for sight seeing around.
 From Padang Bai to:
•    International Airport in Denpasar is 1 – 1 ½ hours
•    Ubud is 1 ½ hours
•    Klunkung is 25 minutes
•    Amlapura is 35 minutes
•    Besakih is 1 hour
•    Batur lake is 1 ½ hours
•    Singaraja is 3 hours
•    Kuta is 1 ½ hours

Ativities in and around Padang Bai
      Daytime in the village
•    Catch the sunrise at Silayukti Temple and enjoy the morning light over Blue Lagoon.
•    Watch the early morning preparations of scuba divers.
•    Taste local treats at the morning market.
•    Stroll along the beach front and admire the colourful yukung fishing boats.
•    Listen to the Melanting Temple barang musicians.
•    Enjoy the seclusion of White Sands Beach.
•     Take an adventurous walk to Blue Lagoon beach and enjoy a swim, snorkel and snack.
•    Taste delicious Topi Inn coffee and apple crumble, or do a cooking class.
•    Visit the ships travelling to and from Lombok.
•    Talk to the local fishermen.
•    Call into Padang Bai elementary school and share your stories with the students.
•    Explore the narrow laneways that run throughout the village.
•    Swap books at local shops.

Evening in the Village
•    Swim in the pool and indulge in sunset cocktails at the Buddha Bar at Absolute Scuba.
•    Dine on delicious and diverse specialty dishes at the Buddha Restaurant. Ask for daily specials.
•    Papa John’s a great place for fresh fish and catching rugby and soccer games.
•    Enjoy a refreshing drink at the Zen Inn.
•    Experience local and Western food at Umang Umang, cooked by the resident Dutch chef.
•    Eat fresh fish at Kerti and Puri Rai restaurants.
•    Rock to the reggae beat at the Babylon Bar. 

Padang Bai Beach Resort